How Does a Store Become a Shopping Destination?

In the 10 years that Purple Dragonfly Boutique has been opened we have become a shopping destination. It sounds crazy because we did not open with that in mind – but customers now add us to their list of things to do when they travel to the area. Destination Shopping is different than regular, casual shopping; when engaging in destination shopping, customers will plan a trip to a retail center to spend several hours there as entertainment, rather than simply the act of purchasing goods. A store needs to have following to be considered a retail destination:


  1.       Enjoyable Shopping Experience. Purple Dragonfly is a fun and sassy place to shop.

We like to have an atmosphere that is entertaining and Gayle’s favorite line is “no grumpy people allowed”.  One of the best parts is getting to know customers, where they are from, travel stories, etc.  It gets to be like a small family reunion when other customers join in too.


  1.       Distinctive Store Displays. Unique displays make a store stand out from the big box chains. A combination of unique product lines arranged in an eye-catching way is what you will find in our store. (pic of display)


  1.       Have a Benefit to Shoppers. Purple Dragonfly has a customer appreciation program we call our Frequent Buyer Program. After six purchases from our boutique, customers receive a gift certificate from us as a thank you.  We actually use good old fashion U.S. snail mail and a return address label with “Happy Mail.” Customer cards are kept in the store so there is nothing our customers need to remember to receive these benefits, making their shopping experience easy and carefree. (pic of location of cards in store)


  1.       Stand Out when it Comes to Customer Service. Purple Dragonfly provides the best customer service something that can’t be matched by big box chains.  Gayle & Rebecca, as well as their staff, pride themselves on acknowledging customers when they come into the store.  Every customer is helped if needed and purchases can be wrapped and ready for giving.                                                      


Another great way to stay connected to how we can be of service to our customers is to join the social media venue; Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  All great ways to see what is new in the store and the different specials we are promoting. We love when our customers engage with us on these social media platforms. In addition, we ask our customers to give us reviews and comments on TripAdvisor and Yelp. We understand that our customers have a busy life, but if you have a spare moment an honest review on these platforms would be greatly appreciated.


Once shoppers have experienced our boutique, they come back and bring friends. We love when this happens because it means we are providing an enjoyable service to our customers. Our store is also located near some great restaurants allowing customers the option to lunch and shop without moving the car.  The upcoming tax-free days, August 4-6th is a great time to see how fun & sassy shopping at Purple DragonFly Boutique can be. Come visit us and see for yourself why Purple Dragonfly Boutique has become a shopping destination. 




Bobbi L. Coleman

07/31/2017 at 04:27:33 PM

Great store. I need to go in more often. I always see things I like and the staff is the best around. Love you guys!

Kitty Crouse

08/01/2017 at 03:59:27 AM

I love Purple Dragonfly. I feel right at home when I go there. The girls are
Awesome and they treat me to a hug when I come in the door. The merchandise is the best. There is a big variety to choose from. I tell everyone about Purple Dragonfly.
See you soon!